Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exercise Time!

Home alone with the kids and they were getting restless....
L & I have always wanted to go jogging together, so I brought them to the park for a so called "jogging" session. 
Beanie wanted to jog too! 
姐姐 and 哥哥 jog with him.  He was very happy coz he thought they were playing catching with him.
Guess who feels tired first? L & Z! They were running back & forth, making sure that their baby brother were with them and not ran off the track. Haha... 
We had Macdonald for dinner....  There goes all my effort of exercising...
For the record, he finished one happy meal, consist of a corn cup, milk and a cheeseburger.


Blessed mum said...

wow! beanie has a very good appetite!

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