Friday, June 04, 2010

Arcade Games

My kids enjoy arcade games.  I think most kids do.  My kids don't go there that often, I find that  money 'fly' away very fast...  Hehe...   Maybe once a month or more if they do something that deserve the reward.

Today they were were happy that they get to play arcade games again.  My kids do collect the cards, otherwise it would be such a waste to throw it away.  So I bought them a card holder each to keep the cards.

While my 2 older babies playing their games, Beanie was so bored...  So I put him on those kiddy rides.  I know the pics are not clear but it shows how happy he is!  AND the best thing was it was not moving at all!  Haha...
My girl commented once that her classmate has a big card holder that contains lots of cards (full) and the one she had is much smaller and only half filled.  I know she envied her classmate....  I explained to her and my boy too what we could do more with the amount of money spent on arcade games.  I asked her which one she prefers then?  Use the money on better things or for that few minutes of fun?   She agreed with me.
See the different queue? 2 lanes for kids to play as long as they want and the other 2 lanes are express lane.  Kids on those lane will have to let others play when they finish 3 games.  I once witnessed (not today) how parents argued over this queuing thingy. Terrible huh?  I was so glad my boy wanted to play 3 games only coz he doesn't like to queue!  Haha...  He rather play Dinosaur King which he likes too.

Nowadays, they are contented when we visit the arcade once a month. Sometimes, our schedule are packed that they forgot about the once a month trip to the arcade.


blurblur said...

Damien has never been into an arcade before...because mummy couldn't stand the noise..hehe..But I guess I should bring him there one of these days, I don't want him to go there with friends next know what I mean.. :)

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