Wednesday, March 14, 2012

64th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2012 - Z

This is the FIRST time Z took part in this event and this is quite unlike the team competition which he represented school as well (last year). I remembered I had to rush down to get the school to endorse the form and rush to pass the forms to Philip (Chess Academy boss), so that he can help me submit (Thank you).  It was the last day of submission! I thought we won't be able to submit it in time!  Last year, we didn't have to submit forms on our own since it was a team competition and result was based on team, not individual.

Z was so happy to be able to represent school again!  And he's so excited that he didn't sleep well last night.  Well, I would be too if it's me! Haha...   I had to bring L & Beanie along coz it was a weekday event.  I was quite worried for Beanie, wondered if he's ok staying at a school compound the whole day!
1st round -  He won the opponent, a rated player!
2nd round - A little restless while waiting for it to start...  What a surprise he went up to board 7!
4th round -  He was a little disappointed.  Lost 3 rounds consecutively. Lost 2 of the rds to rated players.   The problem with my boy is when he knows he is against a rated player, he will think negatively.  Even if I don't tell him if the player is rated or not, he will ask!   I have to try to change his mindset.
5th round -  He's much better and managed to win this and the next round.
Last round -  Tried hard to win this round...  I knew he tried his best.
Little one was very well behaved!  He stayed at the canteen most of the times, took his nap, played with L and his lego!  I was so surprised that one box of lego able to keep him occupied most of time!  Hopefully tomorrow he will be as well behaves as today! Thank you my girl for taking care of him when mommy is up at the hall.

Out of 7 rounds, he won 3.  Out of 7 opponents, he faced 4 rated players. Out of 88 players in U9 category he was ranked 56.   Son, you did well!  Of coz I know you can do better than this if you have not blundered.

His Result:

Rd 1 (bd 20) - Timothy Lee (1095 NVP) win
Rd 2 (bd 7) - Lin Tze Hsien (1170 BTP) lost
Rd 3 (bd 17) - Ong Zi Rui (1075 KHS) lost
Rd 4 (bd 29) - Heyer Chai (SHP) lost
Rd 5 (bd 40) - Raynon Yen (PHP) won
Rd 6 (bd 27) - Dylan Cheng (RSS) won
Rd 7 (bd 21) - Calvin Koh (1029 ACJ) lost


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