Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Trophy & Medal That Came Late

20th Feb 2012

Received a message today...  My girl won a medal and a trophy (U11 school team) for the school for this competition! 3rd prize!  Woohoo!  What a surprise!  I called to confirm and it was true!  What happened was one of the girls from the other team did not mention that she has change school (as she was registered under her old school), hence wrong total score and the prize was given to her old school.

Haiz....  I missed a chance to present the trophy and medal to my girl!  That probably was my only time that I got to present it!

Now we will have to wait for them to give us the trophy and medals...  L was elated when she heard the news!  We are so happy and proud of her!

6th Mar 2012

Yay!  We got the trophy & medals yesterday!  L brought it back to school this morning...  Took some pics of her with it.   Now we will have to wait till school reopens (after March holiday), so that the Principal will present the medals to the winning team!


After such a month long wait, L finally went on stage to receive her medal from the Principal!  AND she in return, represent the rest to present the trophy to the Principal!  Wow!  A pity I can't be there to witness it...

Well done girl!  We are sooooo PROUD of you!


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