Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beanie @ 37 Months

Little one is getting cheekier nowadays....  Giving us cheeky looks or cheeky remarks/replies. He brings so much laughter and joy to us, especially at this time when I need it most...  Well, let's not talk about it.

(7th Mar) While waiting for the lift, L walked over to him and touched his head.
He turned to me and 'complained' (with a frowning look): Mommy!  Jiejie hit my head!
L: NO!  I touched your head only!
I saw what happened and told him the same thing too.
He turned around and cheekily said:  Just kidding!  Haha....
That is soooo him lately! He loves to use the phrase "just kidding".

(9th Mar) His name is getting longer nowadays.  He often comes up with his ideas of how we should address him, such as Policeman hunter ZR (his name) etc.  If we don't, he will refuse to respond to us.  He latest name :  Cute cute boy fireman ZR!

♥ He loves to explain to me the different parts of the toys/lego that he fixed. I bought him a lego board so that he can fix his so called city on it and he explains what is on the board (eg police station, fire station etc)

♥ (19th Mar)  My sweet little one said:  Fireman ZR protect (and) rescue mommy!
Sometimes when we play, I pretend I am in trouble and need help.

♥ He made up a fireman song, which he changes the lyrics all the time!  Haha...

♥ I have a mini library in my car, books to keep him busy while waiting for LZ.  We read books and also discuss what we see in the pics.

♥ He is into photography lately...  He took pics of stuffs that probably he doesn't why and what are those after looking at it too.

♥ He has a favourite spot to take pics.  That is at my BIL's hse! Every week when we are there, he will go to the side of the stairs and said "mommy!  Take pic of me!"


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