Friday, March 23, 2012

His FIRST 'Official' Haircut

The very first time he was at a hair salon,  he was only 4 months old (I think, too lazy to look through my old posts).  That time, it was to shave his head bald.  Hence, this is the very FIRST time he sit in the salon for a proper haircut.

Enjoying the show, Tom & Jerry while having his haircut.  
I never have problem with my 2 older ones at a salon so I hope he won't be the exception.   He has been complaining about his fringe poking his eyes, so I told him he needs a haircut.  I also explained to him what to expect at the salon, highlighting about the lollipop & the TV!  Haha!  Another thing about Beanie is he likes me to say "mama sooooo PROUD of you!"  So he knows if he he behaves or does something well, I would definitely say that.  If your kiddos don't like cutting hair, perhaps you can try it.
Ta da! Here's his new haircut!  Nice?  Actually I was quite disappointed that it was a tad too short, especially the sides...  Nevertheless my baby looks so charming!  Ah-hem!  *thick skinned mommy again!*


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