Friday, March 16, 2012

Parent - Child Bento Making Workshop

I conducted a bento workshop!  I was apprehensive initially, but with encouragement from my dearest hubby and my friends (Eileen & Grace), I went ahead! Didn't think it was real, even when I was preparing the notes and stuffs for the workshop...  Till I was standing in front of the class, then I knew it was for real!  Haha!  Thank you Angie!

 The place that I conducted the workshop.

Below are some of the pics taken during the workshop.   Credit goes to my girl!  She took pics while I was busied.  Thank you my Sweetie!

 Some of the creations.... 

She didn't feel bored at all coz Rosalind's son (organiser) was there too!  When L was not taking pics, she helped him to make bento and they even have time to play chess.
Thank you to all those that attended the workshop and my dear friend, Joanne.  She and her friend came with their kids..  I hope all of you enjoyed the workshop!  Even though I wasn't feeling well,   I enjoyed it and it was great to share with you what I have learned throughout these few years of bento making.


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