Thursday, March 15, 2012

64th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2012 - L

Just like Z,  this is the FIRST time L took part in this competition.  She was so calm & cool and yet excited about it. Unlike me!   She started chess only last year, considered late for her age and she played with opponents who have many years experience. I often worried if she will get zero point... There was once she lost to an opponent and cried (there was error in that game), I don't wish to see that happen to her again.  I feel heartache...

 Round 1 - She played against a rated player and she won!
 Round 2 - Another surprise!  She drew with a rated player from NYP!
 Round 3 - Played with Tammy, whom she knows through chess competitions.
Round 4 - Love how serious she looked when at the game.
 She was upstairs waiting for next round while the brothers were having fun at the court. 
 Round 6 -  Lost the girl from her buddy's school.
The brothers had fun while jiejie was competing.  So proud of my babies!  They have been very well behaved for these 2 days event, especially my youngest!   Again, with just a box of lego!  Of coz not forgetting snacks as well.

At the end of the day, I was in for another surprise!  L was qualified to join the National Junior Squad training programme!  Wow!  We didn't expect that at all!  But I doubt we will go for it as my kids are happy with the training at their current chess club.

Well done girl!  I'm very PROUD of you today!

L's result:

Rd 1 (bd 11) - Sarah Tang (1122 KCP) won
Rd 2 (bd 10) - Elizabeth Fam (1001 NYP) draw
Rd 3 (bd 6) - Tammy Chua (1400 NYP) lost
Rd 4 (bd 11) - Yuki Lim (1209 PHP) lost
Rd 5 (bd 15) - Erin Wee (HIP) won
Rd 6 (bd 11) - Minyue (MGS) lost
Rd 7 (bd 14) - Yu Xin (NLP) won


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