Monday, July 30, 2012

Bento #309 - Pokemon Pansage

In the box:  Seaweed salad, seaweed omelette, chicken with capsicum & grapes

Ever since Z tried out the seaweed at the mall promotion, he has been requesting for it every other day. So he had 2 of the dishes with seaweed for today's bento.  I'm more than happy to prepare that for him coz he doesn't like veggie.

I have a tough time doing this character today..  Just couldn't cut the line properly and I made it quite small so the details were more difficult to cut.  The effort is worth it when my boy told me he likes it very much.

My boy, already in P3, yet at times behaves like his little bro.  He acts like a 3 year old and calls me "Mama..."  and hugs me.  Today he did it again when walking towards the lift.  I asked him,"why are you still so cute?" He said "Because I love you more and more that's why I am still so cute!"  Simply love it!  Even outside school, when he collects his lunchbox from me, he often gives me goodbye kiss, oblivious to the surrounding.   I love moments like this with my 老二.  He may stops doing this next year or anytime, so I better enjoys every time he does that.  Hehe...    I wonder if other P3s do such things too?


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