Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buddy From China

A couple of weeks ago, L was given an option form regarding this buddy programme.  She was very keen to be a buddy.  In fact, the girls from the class were more excited than the boys!  Ha!  She likes the idea of making new friends from other country.

Gifts from her buddy on the first day, 见面礼. 

For the past 2 days, recess snacks & lunch were provided by the school and one of the evenings, buffet dinner was served.  Their China buddies attended lessons with them during school hours and went to Science Centre on the first day after school.  On the second day, they went to Singapore Coins & Notes  Museum.

On the third day, it was our turns to play host to her China buddy, SQ.  We had half a day to show her around.  Due to time constraint, it wasn't easy to plan.  She travelled all the way here so we tried to make it memorable for the her.  Going to the zoo is kind of waste of time and money.  If they go to the zoo, she will probably have 2 hours or so to look around.

Pics taken at the garden

As our car can only accommodate 4 pax, Beanie and I stayed at home.   Daddy brought LZ & her buddy out. First, they went to Jacob Ballas Garden.  Thereafter they went for Angry Bird Cable Car ride.
Angry Bird lunch at the cafe
They had Angry Bird lunch at the cafe before going for the ride.  She is such a well mannered girl.  Daddy said she was shy initially but slowly warm up to them.  From the pics, I could see that she enjoyed herself.
Cable Car ride

Before we say goodbye to her, L gave her the bag of goodies she bought for SQ.   The girls exchanged email and promised to keep in touch with each other.  A good exposure for her and for her to realise that she needs to brush up on her Mandarin. Hehe..


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