Sunday, July 29, 2012

Invitational Team Chess Championships 2012

This was supposed to be a Invitational Primary school Competition, just like last year but they changed it to invitational team.  Which means it will be tougher coz strong players would group themselves together, regardless which school they are from.

For my kiddos' team, Philip decided to plan the junior team (Junior A category) as it would be for the national event.  The upper primary (Junior B category) will be combined for the girls and boys as some could not make it and also because of the age.  Z had the privileged to be the captain for the junior team.

 Rd 1 - L's opponent is one of the strongest girl players for U12! and first time she's playing in board 1! 
 Rd 1 - It was a disappointing round for Z.  He had played many games with Amanda in chess club and he lost to her this time!  It was a surprise to us!  He was winning the game.   
 Z with his team mates.
 Northland is well known to have many good chess players and Z played with one of teams in round 3.
 L with her team mates.  Devash is the captain for the event and he is a very strong player.
 Z doing his job as a captain, motivating his team members.  So serious huh?  We appreciate Philip for appointing him as captain for this event.
 Round 5 -  Z played with another Northland team again!  

Rd 5 -  L's opponent was our friend's son, Daryl.  Don't be deceived by his size, he is same age as Z.  Kudos to them for playing in the Junior A. 

L's team was ranked 6th out of 10 teams and Z's team was ranked 6th out of 16 teams.  Both won merit medals for themselves.  Well done babies!  Hope this has warmed you guys up for the upcoming national event!

L's results (rating 1077):

Rd 1 (bd 1) Siew Kai Xin (1350, North Knights) lost
Rd 2 (bd 3) Aidan Lau (1088, Maris Stars)  lost
Rd 3 (bd 4) Elizabeth Chia (NYPS) won
Rd 4 (bd 5) Malhar Kamat (Merlion 4) won
Rd 5 (bd 6) Daryl Tan (1071, JR Snipers) draw

Z's results (rating 1040) :

Rd 1 (bd 6) Amanda Chan (East Coast Angels) lost
Rd 2 (bd 4) Amirul (Dragon Kids) won
Rd 3 (bd 2) Nicholas Chan (1296, Northland Bannerets) lost
Rd 4 (bd 3) Gregory Cong (St. Hilda's) won
Rd 5 (bd 4) Munoz Joel (Northland Knights) won


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