Sunday, July 08, 2012

Patrick Tay Chess Challenge 2012

When I signed him up for this competition, I didn't even know how many categories were there and it turned out to be a tough one!  He was in a category where there are teenagers and adults.  I felt bad about it....
Round 1 - he was eager to start the first round
Till he realised his opponent was from Northland.  He was so happy when he beat the girl. (Northland is well known for chess)
Round 2 - *faint* when he found out his opponent was Kevan.  He was 'thrashed', like he said.  
Round 3 -  My boy faced another tough opponent, Pahwa.  Both were looking at the clock.
Round 6 - His opponent is a teenager from Malaysia!  He was so thrilled when he won! 

It was a tough competition and Z did his best. It was a good experience for him today.  He enjoyed playing with strong players.

Result (his rating for now - 1065) 87/131:

Rd 1(bd 63) Xu Jiajun won
Rd 2(bd 20) Keven Chua (1320) lost
Rd 3(bd 20) Pahwa (1439) lost
Rd 4(bd 46) Mok Jia Qi lost
Rd 5(bd 49) Sufian walkover 
Rd 6(bd 43) Lau Ken Gi won
Rd 7(bd 28) Sua Isaac (1300) lost


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