Saturday, July 28, 2012

National Day Preview 2012 - L

 This was something that L looked forward to, NDP Preview for the P5s!   
 Pic of her with one of her best friends, J.  an awesome girl! 
 She took some pics and videos of the event but I am posting just one of it. 
While jiejie was at the event, I was out with my boys.  

It rained cats and dogs at the end of the event and they were drenched even though a raincoat was provided for each of them in the goodie bag.  Despite the weather, L told me she had a blast.  The whole class was singing and had a great time on the way home, oblivious to the jam and the worrying parents at home. Ha! 

Thank you to the teachers who were there with the kiddos and L told me they took great care of them, especially with such weather and it was chaotic at the venue.


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