Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beanie @ 41 Months Old

Think I've said it before and I'm going to say it again..  Little one is growing up way too fast!  I missed his baby days...

@ 41 Months

28/06 - FRIST time he went to school without training pants!  Teacher praised him today for participating in class activities and always follow instructions.

He told me one of his classmates hit him while playing, so he complained to his Chinese teacher.  The teacher 'scold' the girl.  That was what he told me!  So happy he can relate incident in school to me!

29/06 - He was timed today on setting on chess board, 2.15mins.  He could have done better if he was not holding the marshmellow.

4/7 - He said he wants to be a doctor.  "I want to save lives!"

His favourite cartoon character for now: Fireman Sam, Thomas, Jake & Handy Manny.

11/7 - Little one didn't go school today and went to the market with me.  As we were walking to the market, "Mommy, hurry up!  Everybody buy it and we have no more fish!" Haha...  He loves to eat fish and so worried there's no more fish for him!

16/7 - Found a strand of white hair on him!
While having dinner, he said he was tired adn put his head down on the table and that's when I saw it.
Gosh!  Didn't know kids have white hair at such a young age!

15/7 - I missed his school open house!  Good thing is that he is still too young to know what it is all about.

♥ little one still sleeps with us and I will usually carry him back to his room after he sleeps.  He likes to face me and cuddle me to sleep.  I teased him one of the nights

Me:  Why can't you face the other side when you sleep?
B: Because I can't see you!

Even if I turn to face the other side, he's ok with it.  As long as he can sees me and hug me.  So sweet, isn't he?

♥ Whenever he speaks, he tries to pronounce the words correctly.  If he's not sure how to say the word, he will ask and learns till he gets it right.  Of coz when he does, he gets lots of praises!  Eg:
computer - puter
weapon - happen

(A week or 2 ago)
me: Did you have snacks in school today?
B:  Yes!  I have porridge and milo
me: Sounds yummy!  Did you feed yourself?
B (guilty look with a smile) : No, 老师 feed me.
me: Why?
B: Because I don't want to feed myself.  I like her to feed me.

I went on to explained to him why he has to feed himself.

Next day, I checked with his teacher.  She was impressed that he is able to relate it to me.  Initially he didn't want to eat, so she asked if she feed will he eat.  He shyly nodded his head.  Teacher fed him and he finished all like what he told me.

Now, he is willing to feed himself and don't have to trouble the teacher.  Well done my boy!


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