Monday, July 10, 2006

I Want Poo Poo!

This evening after having his dinner, Z came running to me and told me, "Mama, I Poo Poo!" I was taking him to the toilet and was thinking "haiz... Still can't tell me before he do it and have to do it in his undies".

Z: Mama, I poo poo!
Me: U poo poo in your underwear?
Z: Poo poo!
Me: Ok. let's go to the toilet and wash u...

Then I realised that he did not pass motion in his underwear!

Me: Baby, u did not poo in your underwear. Do you want to poo poo in the toilet bowl?
Z: Yes!
Me: Next time you must say I want to poo poo and not I poo po ok?

Z: Ok, Mama I want poo poo! ( with a big grin on his face!)

Guess what? He did it in the toilet! Hurray to my boy! I told daddy and jiejie to cheer for him and for that few mins, our hse was full of 'Hurrays'!


Jan said... proud of Z

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