Friday, December 28, 2007

Orientation Day

Z giving moral support to jiejie

Before we could clear up our stuffs, we had to get L's uniforms ready for her P1's Orientation. Yes, her Orientation is on the 28th December, unlike most of the schools. Was she excited? Of coz she was! :) We were as excited as she is.

We were to report to school by 8am. My poor boy has no choice but to go with us. Seeing my girl wearing her school uniform and shoes for the first time bring tears to my eyes. And it was tears of joy :) She looked so good with it and she was very proud that she is going to P1. She didn't ask me many questions as I have 'feed' her as much info as I could. :)

I asked my girl how was she feeling and she said she was nervous. I was just like her.... :) But I had to act cool and tell her to stay cool too. When we arrived at the school, we had to queue to find out which class was our girl in. The queue was looooong..... I think the school gave up and asked everyone to go the hall as there were class lists just outside the hall. I managed to find out which class is she in before we make out way to the hall. Once upstairs, I brought her to her class teacher, introduced ourselves and she sat down with her classmates. We were told to sit behind while the kids settle down.... During this time, we heard many crying children. Throughout waiting, my girl was so cool :) She sit there quietly and turned around once a while to check if I were looking at her. Every time our eyes meets, we thumbs up to each other with a smile.

L sitting with her new friends

Finally the children were all settled down, teachers were introduced to us and the children were brought to their respective classes, to spend time with their teachers. I was reluctant to see my girl away from me :( Then the briefing for parents begins.... During this time, Z was playing with his gameboy and soon he fell asleep... The talk last for about 1 1/2hr...

L leaving the hall for her classroom

We went to our girl's class when the talk ended. We were very happy to know that she has made friends with 2 of her classmates! After looking around her classroom, we went to the canteen to check out the food and followed by a guided tour conducted by the prefects. I realised the school has 6 storeys! Phew! I was glad I wasn't the one going to climb the stairs. Hehehe.... And her classroom was on the ground floor.

L in her classroom

By the time it ended, it was already 11+... We are looking forward to her 1st day of school! I have joined the PSG (parent support group) and I have volunteered to help out for the 1st 3 days and the library once a week. I have always tried to be active with her schools since nursery so when the PSG was recruiting, I did not hesitate to join. Hope everything will turn out well for L :) And we yet get her a school bag!


Clement said...

Steady lah. Way to go, L! And you too, Astee! :)

jean said...

you must be excited seeing her going to P1 now... good year ahead for you and family!

Aces Family said...

Aiyo..this Clement sotong,really think we are TWINS..haha : )

So proud of L and hopefully comes 2009, Anthea will be as steady as L.


Jan said...

wow....another huge milestone....L looks good in her uniform....she looks so cute and calm that she doesn't look like she is starting primary one...more like a senior in school liao....

anyway, jia you jia you!

fannie said...

she must be excited! For Mommy...u must be thinking that she grew too fast! She looks grown in the U tho :)

eastcoastlife said...

awww..... finally in P1! Exciting, right? hehe....

When they go to Secondary 1, still exciting. After that .... sigh...

You are going to have many more responsibilities from now on! Joining PSG is good. Just don't get sucked into the politicking.

LZmommy said...

Thanks Clement

Indeed I am :) I think I am more excited than she is. Hehehe....

Ya lor... He probably think we are really twins. Gagaga...
I'm sure Anthea will be as steady :)

Jan & Fannie
Thank you for the compliment :)
Ya I think so too... She was very excited and I am the one that was nervous.

Really? I think every time she goes to a new phase, I will be very excited and not her. Hehehe.... :)

Talking abt PSG... Hmmm... I can foresee that liao.. Some of the mommies are not friendly at all and have a stuck up look. Perhaps I will blog abt that.

Clement said...

aiyo....really sotong of me leh!!


Still sometimes mix up the 2 of you and your kids lah. hahaah.

blurblur said...

P1 already! How is she coping so far? I'm sure she's coping fine since she's already so brave and steady during her orientation! Well done, L! :)

Next year, my turn...ahhh....

kelly said...

She looks lovely in the uniform.Ah, your girl is so big already...mine's still so young..

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