Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mini Birthday Celebration

They were so sweet.... I asked them what would they like for their birthdays few days ago....

Me: Babies, what would you like for your birthday? Daddy Mommy buy for you...

L: Hug!

Me : I mean your birthday present

L : I know. I just want you to hug me *smile*

Me :How about you, Handsome?

Z: I want a cake

Me : Huh? Are you sure?

Z : Yes, I just want a cake

My lovely babies..... I thought they would ask for toys or books. I was wrong!


Yesterday, we baked a cake together for their birthdays. Nothing fanciful :) I used a recipe from one of my kids cookbook. It was supposed to be a 2 layer cake but we baked only one layer. They had too much cakes on their birthdays celebration :) They had so much fun mixing & decoration their cake. It was messy as usual :)

In the afternoon, I brought them to Plaza Singapura for shopping. They never asked me to buy anything for them except the mini chopi chops they saw at John Little. In the evening, daddy meet us after work for dinner. We had a simple dinner at Crystal Jade and rush over to Cathay to watch "Alvin & The Chipmunks". We had a good laugh watching the show! I think LZ laughed the loudest in the cinema! Hahaha....

Singing song for themselves

After the show, we went home to cut their cake. Daddy was very proud of our little ones baking their cake and was full of praise for them :) I am too! Of coz I was the one who handle the oven :) The cake turned out yummy too!

My Babies.... We love you always and forever :)


eastcoastlife said...

I should go watch the Chipmunks too. My son, although 16 already, has been pestering me to go with him.

Glad all of you enjoy the celebrations!

Happy Birthday L and Z!!

LZmommy said...

You should :) It's a funny movie!
Wah! Your son so sweet to ask you you to watch it with him. I know teenagers don't want to watch movie with their parents. I hope that don't happen to me...

Mama Bliss said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY L&Z... have a blessed new year too... *HUGZZZZ*

everydayhealy said...

Oh! Both L and Z are very sensible. Good little fellos...

Sorry that I miss your birthday! but, I guess there after I will never forget as my hubby's birthday is just one day prior to yours. hehe...

Happy belated birthday, my dear! :)

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