Sunday, December 09, 2007

LZ's Birthday Celebration

I am sooo tired... I have been awake the whole night before the party to prepare the donuts upon L's request. I have thought about baking cakes for their birthday but I changed my mind. I don't think I can handle baking 2 cakes and decorating them. Though tired, I had a great time preparing these for them. :) I am very satisfied with what I prepared :) My guests said they love it especially the little ones. Maybe I should start selling them. Hehehe.....

Baked donuts.

LZ have been looking forward to their party and so did I! Party started at 3.30pm sharp and we were there 5 mins before it begin... As soon as we arrived, LZ started bouncing. When I said bouncing, they really did! Hehehe..... There were four bouncers or more...

I ordered Delifrance but was disappointed that it arrived late. I told them to deliver at 3.15pm and it didn't arrived till an hour later :( If LZdaddy didn't make that call, it would have arrived at 6.30pm. Thank goodness I have baked donuts, chips and drinks on the table.

Most of little guests arrived on time I am glad they did :) I can hear them screaming and laughing. I must say that the owners of the place did a great job entertaining the kids and ensuring safety. I must thank my cousin and his girlfriend for coming down to help. They entertained the kids and took pics and video for us. After 2 hours of bouncing, they were hungry :) I'm sooo glad that the Mcdelivery was there 10mins before and we were able to arrange the food on the table. It is no fun trying to squeezed 24 kids to the table. Anyway, I'm sure they didn't mind :) All of them were eating very fast!

After that, it was cake cutting time! The kids went Ohhhhs & Ahhhhhs over the Transformers cake and Dora cake :) Hahaha.... They excitedly said which cake they want to eat and they were so adorable :) This year, L made a wish and I don't know what it was. She wanted to tell us but I said wishes will not come true when she tell us :) Z yet to know how.... They both enjoyed having their friends around them and singing birthday songs for them. Of coz they like to blow out the candles too :)

The party didn't end till abt 6.30pm.... Some of my guests did not bring home the balloons as me, the forgetful mummy forgot abt it! If it has not been Z, we would have to bring home 25 balloons! Sorry my friends that some of your children did not bring home any balloons. Thank you for all the pressies and being with us to celebrate their birthdays :)

The owners was very sweet... While we were packing up, LZ were asking if they can go in to the bouncers again. The owners let them go in to play for free! They told us to take our time to pack and let them take care of my babies :) They even said to leave the rubbish for them to clear! How sweet!


That's Ollie & Joshie with LZ. L and Ollie have known each other since they were 12months old. Joshie & Z has been playing together since baby and Joshie is very close to Z. Soon they will be leaving for Europe :( I am so glad they were able to make it to the party. They were together throughout the party and I sure they are going to miss each other....


Crazymommy said...

Happy birthday, LZ!!! May happiness be with you always!

By the way, LZmommy, can you share your icing /glazing or whatever you call that of the donut and cupcake recipe with me? (email : crazy[dot]sahm[at]gmail[dot]com) I tried to decorate the cupcake (hmm... i'm not a baker so I bought ready-to-bake cake mix la...), but failed miserably.

Thanks in advance!

Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

So glad to hear that both LZ had such a wonderful birthdays celebrations.

You are the GReatest Mommy.. : ) and LZdaddy too.


Unknown said...

Love the donuts you made. Looks yummy and lovely as usual. :D

Glad L & Z and their litter guests had so much fun. And you had fun preparing it. ;)

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