Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Cookies

We managed to see the Island Princess

Yesterday we went to Cathay, hoping to catch the Movie Enchanted but the tickets sold out :( We went over to Raffles City to look for L's school bag. Gosh! It is not cheap! We will still get it as we don't want her to have back problem.

Daddy and me was to trying to "sell" the pink bag to her but she insisted on having the blue one. The sales staff is right... She is the one carrying the bag, so we will let her decide but I simply love teasing her. Hehehe... We will have to go back again as they ran out of stock.


It was another rainy day today.... LZ was disappointed that they can't play outdoor... Since Christmas is near, we baked chocolate cookies with Christmas tree, gingerbread man and star shapes. They also came out with funny shapes, candy cane, snowman etc.... They insisted on having M&M's only instead of other sprinklers. We had a great time doing it :)


Crazymommy said...

your cookies look really yummy!! I must try to bake some this year too...

btw, do you put the candy with the cookies into the oven to bake or you place them after when they are done?

Clement said...

Wow, you really do have a way with baking. Great looking (and I'm sure tasting, too) stuff!

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