Sunday, July 12, 2009

Talking To Who?

Beanie 'talk' so much today! He sounds like a grumpy old man and mumbling to himself! Hehehe....


Angeline said...

I am so addicted to hearing baby's are such a lucky woman, you know that? *hugs*
*I clicked 'play' twice by the way... *giggle*

blurblur said...

Yeah, I so miss baby's cooing and I wish I have one on my lap too!! Haha.. Botak asked me to 'play again' on the video many times...

LZmommy said...

Yes! I am so fortunate! :)

I play it over and over again in my hp too :)

Time for another one? :) Looks like Botak wants another sibling :)

Angie said...

beanie is a fast developer!! :D

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