Thursday, July 02, 2009


Look at my little baby! Happily 'biting' his ring!


huisia said...

yeah, very tasty!

Lydia said...

LOVE your scrapbooking!! This one is so nicely done and ZJ so adorable!

I just bought these rings for my colleague's baby boy ;)

blurblur said...

He's in the 'biting' stage now!! So cute! :)

allthingspurple said...

awwwww....just look at him !! And he is such a happy baby !!

How does that texture feels like against your gums, tiny little one? Just dont wear it out, ok? *grin*

3lilangels said...

He's really enjoying his yummy ring. So adorable. Makes me want to pinch his cheeks.

Angeline said...

Oh my!That sure is a happy little one!

ten3001 said...

he is gettg chubbier by the day! well done, mommy!

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