Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Chinese Enrichment Performance - Z (July)

I was late for the performance coz I was informed last minutes. As usual, teacher said Z is doing well (sometimes I wonder how true) but he needs to put in more effort for hanyupinyin. I plan to sign him up for the hanyupinyin class at year end to help him which the teacher recommended. He should be prepared for P1 next year. Gosh! My boy going to P1 next year!


Lydia said...

I watched these from you FB already and really like the 1st poem on 手心 with the actions! The teacher sounded good!

Tiffany has Hanyupinying lesson in her K2 and she showed great interests in it so hopefully she is ready for P1... hey, Z is also a november baby huh?

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