Monday, July 06, 2009

Who is Breastfeeding?

Z is such a funny boy! When he sees me bf Beanie, he would take his Goatie and bf him too! I can't stop laughing when I see him do this. He said he has milk coz he drank the fish soup too!

He does it again and again... I asked him why, he said he wants me to be a happy mommy and he knows I will always laugh whenever he does this. Aww.... My sweet little boy....


Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

Z is so cute..haha. U should tease him, let him try pumping the milk out..haha..: P


Angeline said...

*huge laugh*
but still, he won my heart over when he told you the reason...
he is such a darling!

blurblur said...

I was so moved when I read the reason of him doing that again and again...such a sweet boy! :)

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