Friday, June 03, 2011

Basic Chess - Crash Course

I was extremely happy when I find out there's a new Chess Academy opened near my area.... Z has been asking for chess lesson ever since he completed the basic lesson.  We didn't continue with the school as he finds that they are not dedicated in teaching them.  Z was elated when I told him and he can't wait to start chess lessons.

Honestly, I'm not that kind of 'hardworking' parents who make effort to send their kids to center, be it enrichment or whatever, that is too far away, no matter how good they are.  I am handling everything on my own, cooking, chores, chauffeuring the kids etc...

L was influenced by Z... She learned how to play a little of it from him (when he was taking basic) and when she finds out the benefits of chess, she told me she wants to learn too.

I signed L up for a basic crash course on CHESS so that she can join Z for the next level during this school holiday.  It was very nice of them to allow Z to join in, to refresh his memory.

While waiting for them, Beanie and I had ice cream and little fella played hide & seek with me at the cafe.  Time passes so fast with him entertaining me.

Will he be interested in chess like his siblings?


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