Tuesday, June 07, 2011

红花会 Gathering

In the pics: KN, Damien, Darius (little botak) and my babies.  Not in pic: WN

3 bloggers, known each other for few years, finally meet up this June holiday.

I have met Eileen once when I was preggy with Beanie.  It was not her that I recognised first, it was her 2 handsome boys, especially Damien's smile.

Grace, on the hand, I met her many times, our kids used to attend the same enrichment class.  One day, we were talking about blogging and I realised she was the author of Sunshine sunflower blog!  I was like a fan going crazy!  Haha....

Both women, whom I admire, are now my best friends in the blogging world.  We even gave a name to our little chat group, 红花会!  Haha... Yeah, we contact each other often, despite our busy SAHM's schedule. I love our chat sessions.

When we meet, there was no awkwardness at all.  We chatted and the kids get along so well.


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