Monday, June 06, 2011

Stitches Removed

Finally all stitches removed! But it was another horrible experience for Beanie....  He was wide awake when the nurses removed the stitches.  One of the nurse alone couldn't hold him down and I had to help...  Again, it was heartache to do this...  So sorry my little baby....

 A small reward for our brave little boy, Thomas balloon.

We are so glad it's over....  Only thing is, to avoid outdoor for 3 months...


MamaJ said...

Poor boy & poor mummy! Can understand your agony, as our boy got a deep cut from falling down the playgrd steps... Ended up with 3 layers of stitches under sedation. :( glad stitches are out, just put sunscreen when out, & apply wheatgerm oil, which we find is gd for reducing scarring. At least his eyebrow will hide it! ;)

LZmommy said...

Thank you mamaJ :)

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