Thursday, June 30, 2011

School Public Performance 2011

A day that my girl looked forward to...  Her very FIRST public performance!  Every year, the school has a public performance and L was honored to be able to be part of it this year.  She has been diligently going for all the practices and made effort to practice the songs at home.

Together with my 2 boys, we went for the concert.  Honestly, I thought it will be quite boring.  On the contrary , it was very entertaining!  Even my 2 little ones enjoyed it very much!  The performance by the different performing art groups was superb! No wonder they have been getting golds for the Singapore Youth Festival.

When L's choir came on stage, my little ones frantically searched for their 姐姐.  They were happy & excited when they saw their sister on stage.  I had to stop them from 'shouting' for her. Haha...

Can you spot my girl?

Here a short video of the choir singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" ... Shhhh....  I'm not supposed to record it.


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