Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beanie @ 28 Months

My little Beanie has been such a wonderful baby.  He has been helping me setting up the table during meal time.  When he hears me taking out the cutlery, he comes to the kitchen to help me, even if it's his favourite TV programme is on.  He's setting such a good example to his older siblings!  Haha.... He knows where to place whose spoons/chopsticks etc... So sweet isn't he?

@ 28 Months

♥ he likes to go to this supermarket, coz it has the mini trolley for him to help me with marketing.
♥ little expressive boy he is!

♥ he loves my bakes! *thick skin mommy*, often ask me to bake whenever he wants it.

♥ lately, he likes to say "OK" when I ask him to do something.

♥ he loves to say "Love mama!" he often comes to me and say that. 

♥ loved to be tickled! And shout for "Help!" whenever we tickle him.

♥ his favourite place to relax in the house in my room, looking out of the window/ play with hp.

♥ he likes song with actions, eg: if you happy... 

♥ he current favourite book is this Chuggington book.

♥ He has this habit of placing things in line or in order. Like this photo frames, it's his 'toys' now till I use it.


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