Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chinese Cultural Camp

20th June 2011

LZ left for  Chinese Cultural Camp, it was an optional activity offered by the school.  It's a one day camp for Z and overnight camp for L.

Her sleeping bag & haversack.

L looked forward to her FIRST overnight camping... She excitedly packed her bag, getting things ready things on her own.  She was so happy when she was bunking in with her buddies.
I was hoping to get a glimpse of my girl when I picked Z up yesterday evening but I didn't get to see her.   Z told me he saw jiejie washing dishes with her friends after lunch and that was the only time he saw her.

I waited the whole day for her to call, she didn't call me till before bedtime...  I was a little disappointed, I missed her the whole day... Well, I guessed it's time for me to let go a little but I can't help missing her and wondering what she was doing...

LZ had a wonderful time and a great learning experience.  They learned more about Chinese culture and my princess also learned to be independent. If there are more such activities, I would definitely sign them  up for it. They had a small complaint though, the food was horrible!  Haha...  

Things that they did during the camp:
- 剪纸, 中国结, 书画, 脸谱 , 数来宝, 儿童诗,学做拉面
- 用鸡蛋壳 和豆子做画
- 语文游戏, 等等
- 小品比赛


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