Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Movie - Kungfu Panda 2

We went for a movie today, Kungfu panda 2. It was a gd movie, better than the first one.  LZ enjoyed it.

Think it has bn a long time since Beanie went for a movie... He was fine for first half of the show, laugh & get excited when he saw fire. Then he started to get restless. Probably due to no nap in the afternoon... He insisted on sitting on my lap n later, insisted that I stand and carry him! I'm so glad that we booked the 2nd last row seats. I was able to sneak to the back with him. Finally I managed to pacify him and continued to enjoyed the show.

It was about 9pm when the show ended... I thought my kids may not be able to eat much for dinner, after having so much popcorns. They almost finished the whole plate of their food! and I initially wanted to order a plate for them to share!


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