Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chinese Enrichment Oral Result - L

What a bad mommy I am! I didn't even know my girl did a mock up oral test for her Chinese Enrichment on 15th April!

She got her result for written test today and it 43/60. I thought the result wasn't that good but teacher told me they set a very tough paper this year for the Higher Chinese Class. When I saw the paper, I admit it was quite tough and my girl made silly mistakes! I hope she doesn't make careless mistakes for the coming exams.

Well Done my girl! Hope you will do better for your exams!


听力 - 4.5/5

评语 - 听讲认真,理解力强,成绩不错。

朗读 - 4/5


评语 - 声音洪亮,感情丰富,朗读流畅、连贯。美中不足的是''满''字不会读。

看图说话 - 3/5

评语 - 需加强华文表达,因为有一部分的图意讲不出。希望今后有更多机会多听、多讲华文。

会话 - 3/5

评语 - 需要老师提示才能找到一些图中人物的错误行为。

总成绩 : 14.5/20


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