Wednesday, April 01, 2009

His First Phone Call

Weilin, his Chinese enrichment friend, whom he knows since they were in the nursery class gave his number to Z today. Every week, they look forward to seeing each other. They would each bring a toy to share. It is very kind of the teacher to allow them to go to class 15 mins early (sometimes half hour) and to bring the toys along. Sometimes, she let them do show & tell with the toys.

After dinner, Z asked if he could call Weilin. His first phone call to his friend! Not that he never call us before, he is extremely excited about calling his friend. Usually he will use our hp but this time I told him to use our house phone to make that call. Silly me! Forgot to take a pic of him! He took a while to make that call, probably so excited that he kept pressing the wrong number. They talked about what should they bring for their next lesson and asked each other what they were doing. I think next week I should give our number to Weilin too. I am sure he will be thrill to receive a call from his friend.

Z behaves differently when he is at home and when he is with friends. At home, he is very at ease and a very loud boy. When he is with friends, not that he has many, he is quite shy unless he knows you for a long time.

He doesn't have many friends, unlike his jiejie who is very sociable. In school, he gets along very well with his group friends, especially Joash and Joshua. This year, I see a great improvement! He talks alot to the girls too. He knows the girls formed a Winx Club group. Hehehe....

I think I need not worry too much coz he is more outspoken nowadays.


Ling That's Me said...

my daughter still has not exchange phone numbers with anyone's all done by the adults - her mummy! hehe! :P

blurblur said...

Even at P1, Damien did not exchange any phone numbers with his friends yet...I'm looking forward to that day though hehe.. :P

Angeline said...

Aaawwww... that very first!!! So sweet! Oh mommy! Next time must video ok???!!! *laugh*

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