Friday, April 10, 2009

ZJ's Checkup - 6 Weeks Old

ZJ is 6 weeks old! Before we went for ZJ's checkup yesterday, I know I will hear bad news... That he has not gain any weight and I was right.... He gained a mere 200+ g only.

Other than his weight gain problem, Beanie is doing well. Doc suspected that he is not taking enough milk and I think so too. He advised me to check his weight gain every other day or once a week or even after a milk feed. He also advised me to pump my milk out to see how much is he drinking.

I was so sad... I don't have problem with breastfeeding LZ. I BF L for 3 months and Z for 1 1/2 yrs. I think LZdaddy feel lousy too. He always likes his kids to be chubby..... So I will be back to pumping my milk and training him to take the bottle, as well as from me.

Beanie took the 6 in 1 jab.

At birth:
Weight: 3.585kg Weight on Discharge: 3.4kg
Height: 51cm
Head Cir.: 35cm

Weight: 3.6kg
Height: 56cm
Head Cir.: 38cm

He developed fever (38.2C) last night coz of the jab and I fed him medicine. Fever came back this morning again...


ten3001 said...

seems like he not putting on much weight hor. but he has grown 5cm over the past 6 wks~!

maybe u want to feed him ebm in the day so u can monitor his intake? and u can feed direct at nite. u also must relax ok, eat well and rest well!


Rachel said...

Reminds me of Nicholas..he was a difficult baby to please, wanting milk every I decided to express out so I can rest.

Hope ZJ is ok now.

blurblur said...

Don't feel so stressed mummy, try to relax and rest well!! It will helps to stimulate your milk flow...take it easy K?

Lydia said...

You go mommy~ You can do it! You are already doing your very best, just commit Beanie to the Lord :) LZdaddy may like to lay hand on beanie and command him to "chubby-up", hehe... also, drink plenty of water too ok LZmommy? The weather is so hot! :)

Jacss said...

kinda sad hearing he's not growing much, hope he's not that fragile!! with monitoring how much he drink from bottle, hopefully he's gaining faster, gd luck!

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