Friday, April 10, 2009

Bonding Time - LZ

Knowing that I wasn't in a good mood today, LZdaddy brought LZ out early. It is Easter and I am home with Beanie and my helper. I have to start monitoring Beanie's intake, besides he is too young to be out everyday.

LZdaddy brought them out for MacDonald breakfast, shopping and lunch at Swensen! I think he is getting more confident in handling 2 of them on his own.

I miss going out with them!


Angie said...

awww...i understand what you think you have missed!! when BJ is bigger, you can leave him with LZDaddy while you have some time alone with L n Z! :)

Angeline said...

What fortunate kids!!! LZdaddy - thumbs up!

Oliveoylz said...

The kids look happy and healthy! Great daddy and kids bonding time. Precious!

Rachel said...

well done LZdaddy! I;m sure with more "practise", he will have no problem going out with the kids alone and mommy can rest more.

blurblur said...

Worry not, soon you'll be able to join them for the outing and also bring LZ out for some fun time together! :)

Lydia said...

Good job LZdaddy!

Hang in there, LZmommy! It's a passing phase. It's good that you are sharing how you feel... coz' we are always here to offer you hugs :)


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