Saturday, May 30, 2009

1st Time to Airport

ZJ has some toys hanging by the side. The purple one has music and he loves it!

After being away for 6 days, LZdaddy is finally back home! LZ has been asking me if we were going to the airport to pick daddy up. Knowing that they missed him, how can I say no to them?

I told my helper we will go airport together but then I realised that the car can't fit in everyone, I have a booster seat and a car seat. So I went to the airport with my 3 babies alone and we had dinner there! Of coz I chose somewhere that will be easy for me for dinner, MacDonald! I am now more confident going out with my 3 babies.

I am so glad that ZJ was easy to care for that evening. LZ were a little too active, probably they have not been to the airport for quite a while and they were excited to see daddy. LZdaddy doesn't buy toys for them every trip he goes but this time he bought them a toy each and ZJ has a cow soft toy(that moos when we press on it), a very first toy that daddy bought from overseas for him.


huisia said...

yea, the little baby looks so excited there!

Angie said...

well done, jane! not easy to manage 3 kids on your own!!

blurblur said...

*clap clap* bravo, Jane! Handling 3 kids is definitely not easy, but you did it! :)

J@n!ce said...

I love the idea of picking up daddy at the airport. Its so sweet !! You are so brave to go out alone with the 3 kiddos. Great effort, mummy. I'm so proud of you :):)

Angeline said...

Oh mommy!
you are getting better by the day....

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