Monday, May 18, 2009

Before & After Looks

Pic of L an hour before she says goodbye to her tooth. I love this pic of my Miss Sunshine!

L's tooth has been shaky for quite some time and I have been telling her to go to the dentist in school. It was either she was lazy or she forgot. Lately we have to cut up the meat into small pieces coz she was having trouble biting into it. But last night, she thought of eating the drumlet the way she likes it and this happened.
Pic of L today with her 'bo gay' smile

L was happily eating the drumlet when I saw her open her eyes so wide with her hand covering her mouth. Next moment, she showed me her hand, a tiny incisor tooth was there! Haha.... I couldn't stop laughing! I laughed because her expression was so cute! I continued laughing while getting a gauze to stop the bleeding. "Haha.... I have a bo gay (hokkien word) daughter!" Naughty mommy right? "Mommy! Stop laughing!" But in the end, she laughed with me too.


blurblur said...

keke...'bo gay' but still pretty! :)

ten3001 said...

that cant be the first tooth she dropped right????


J@n!ce said...

So brave, usually kids will be so afraid of seeing fallen tooth :)

LZmommy said...

EileenThanks Eileen :) She will be happy to hear that :)

TeniNo lah :) Think it was the 7th. Just wanted to record this coz she was so funny.

JaniceThis is not the 1st time, so that's why she is not afraid :)

Angie said...

Hahaha~~ make her say all the "F" words!! (no! no THAT F word, hahaha!!) i love to hear bo-gay children pronouncing F. so cute~~ lao-hong.

Lydia said...

haha, too funny!

sunshinensunflower said...

Hee.... yup. L told me the other day too about her missing front tooth.....and the drumstick !

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