Monday, May 25, 2009

ZJ @ 3 Months & Checkup

I brought ZJ to the PD for his 3 months old checkup and 6-in-1 jab. To be honest, I was very nervous about this checkup.... I wondered if he puts on enough weight, he only gained 200+g for his 6 weeks checkup. I heaved a sign of relief when the nurse said "Wow! Very good! This time he puts on 2kg!" But I am still not sure if that is enough...

Doc was very satisfied that ZJ puts on 2 kg and told me he is following the chart now. Phew! Doc did the rest of the checks and told me he is doing very well. I told Doc of my concern that he poos only every 3 to 4 days, unlike LZ, they pooed everyday. He assured me that is normal for some BF babies (but I BF LZ too, how come different?). Another thing that I mentioned to doc was his fart was very smelly! I wondered if it is because I eat mango almost everyday (heaty). Doc smiled and said it is ok and it may be due to what I eat.

I told Doc that ZJ slept through the night for the past 1 week and asked him if I should wake him up. Doc said as long as he is drinking well during the day.

Height: 62cm
Weight: 5.6kg
Head Cir: 40.5cm

When I went home, I compared my 3 kids health books. At 3 months, L was the tallest, followed by ZJ then Z. Maybe ZJ will be taller than gorgor. Weight wise, L was the heaviest! She was such a chubby girl then.

I still pump out my milk for him at times coz I need to know how much is he drinking and if he is getting enough.

@ 3 months:
-He drinks 5 to 6 oz of milk. 2 bottles in a day and the rest of the time I feed him direct, if I have extra EBM, then he will not take formula
- He likes to pull his clothes
- He can sit quietly in the car nowadays. No more stressful driving for me.
- He is beginning to enjoy his little toy that I hang in front of his car seat, using his hand and legs to touch it
- when he want someone to talk to him, he will stare at the person till he/she looks at him or sometimes he will makes sound to attract our attention
- he watches TV! It can keeps him occupy for at 15 mins
- Nowadays, he can play on his own for quite some time and enjoys his musical mobile on his bed. Longest was 45 mins.
- Most of the time, he sleeps through the night. He sleeps abt 9+pm and wakes up at 6 or 7+am. Because of that, he sometimes skips his morning nap and nap twice in the afternoon.
- He enjoys tummy time
- He enjoys sitting on the sofa
- It is easier to get him to smile nowadays when I take pic for him
- He seems to enjoys reading time. Jiejie, Gorgor and I will take turns to read to him and he likes to look at the books too.


blurblur said...

don't worry Jane, ZJ is growing so well! I can even see his double chin..hehe.. :)

Wow, he is already sleeping thru!! Good! I'm still waiting for my botak to sleep thru...wonder when will that happen... ;)

Oliveoylz said...

You are indeed very lucky. Sleeping throughout!!! My little one's most active from 9-12 midnite...and yours is already in slumber...

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

So glad to see him putting on weights...and so lucky of him to have jiejie and korkor to read to him at a very young age. Keep up the good work, mummy!

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