Tuesday, May 05, 2009

His Birth Story....

This post has been in my draft for soooo long!

Time passes so fast.... It has been 2+ months since Beanie's arrival. I still remember I went to the hospital when I started feeling the contractions, leaving LZ with the helper.

As we were driving to the hospital, I was timing my contractions. I was so nervous as we got closer.. When we arrived, I told the nurse what happened during my previous 2 pregnancies (excessive bleeding), I was given a jab and the drip was on standby.

During this time, I heard my 'neighbor' was shouting and screaming! Someone was giving birth next door! It made me so nervous! Contractions were coming very fast and Beanie couldn't wait for my doc to arrive. The nurses have to ask me to lie down side way to 'stop' him from coming out. It was a torture at that time! I had such strong feeling to push and they asked me not to push! Alas! My doc came and I was back in position. By then, I was in distress and too 'tired' to push, probably due to too much gas I was inhaling. Doc had to ask them to turn off the gas coz I refused to let go of the mask, only then did I let go of it. Then they wanted me to hold on to my thigh so that I have more strength to push and I refused to let go of LZdaddy's hand.

During the process, I heard one of them telling me "One more push! Just one more push!". I got angry coz every time after one push, I thought it was over and she said that again! I told her off, "you told me one more time and I have push many times!" Must be the gas that making me so angry! Why do I always think of having epidural only at this time huh? Some said I very brave, never take epidural for my 3 deliveries.

I felt so bad for telling the nurses off... To think that they even praised me during the process! They told LZdaddy that I very strong leh, never scream at all. I never thought of screaming, I thought it was wiser for me to save the energy to push and to scold others! Hahaha.... I apologised to them after delivering Beanie.

Beanie was finally out! From the time I arrived at the hospital till delivery, it took only 2 hr+! Till now, I still can remember my doc stitching me up! When I first look at Beanie, my first thought was he looks so much like Z! His skinny hands and legs and his eyes! LZdaddy thought so too.

When I hold Beanie in my arms and feeding him for the very first time (in the delivery suite), all those morning sickness, discomfort that I felt during pregnancy was worth it. I'm sure all mommies feel the same way as I do.

LZdaddy stayed with me for another hour and he had to leave to attend to LZ. I was still in the delivery suite coz I was still bleeding. Every time they tried to move me, I bleed. So I had to stay there till I finished with the drip and that my bleeding stops. And I didn't leave the room till 3 hours later.


Lydia said...

2 hr+?! You are so good! Even to go w/o epi... I take my hat off for you :)

Yup... that 1st nursing was such a magical moment!

Aces Family said...

Hi LZmommy,

*HI-5* to you, fyi, i also didn't use epidural for my 2 deliveries and like you, i conserved the energy into pushing rather than screaming...hee. My timing was also like your, 2 hours...another similarities we shared.

Is it the trait of Hainan women power..haha.

Glad that all is well and LZ/ZJ are doing fine growing up happily..: )


blurblur said...

No epidural for 3 deliveries!??! Wow, you're my idol..hehe..I asked for epidural for my 2nd delivery once I admitted...haha.. :P

Rachel said...

hahaha... so funny ..the part you scolded the nurses!

Jessie said...

Hubby got blue black on the hand or not? kekeke...

Jessie said...

Hubby got blue black on the hand or not? kekeke...

beaglesg said...

Woah, You are my Hero!
No epidural for all 3 pregnancy!!!

Well, I'm trying very hard to psycho myself not to use it this time round.

Thank you for sharing your experience. it's very encouraging for me.

sunshinensunflower said...

Gosh... even with epidural, I could feel the intense pain for both my deliveries.

So I can imagine your pain......must be thousand times more !

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