Sunday, May 03, 2009

His New Look - ZJ

Brought my boys to the salon for their haircut and had to leave L at home coz I was not so confident in handling 3 kids and it is a weekend (mall was packed). I promised L I will bring her along the next time.

Z used to have his haircut at the kid's salon till I found this adult salon charge cheaper when I take package from them. Most important is that Z is only comfortable with Alfred gorgor cutting his hair. We were there on Thursday but because Alfred has gone home and my boy refused to let others cut his hair, so we had to go back there today.
ZJ doesn't have much hair but we still decided to shave him. He was uncomfortable when Alfred was shaving his hair. I was carrying him and the stylist was helping to collect ZJ's hair (I keep their baby's hair). I think it was because he was falling asleep and feeling grouchy. To my surprise, Alfred shaved his hair for free! I saved $14! I mean we don't really know him and we have been there for couple of times only. It must be our lucky day!

Actually not much difference right?


blurblur said...

I love his botak look...soooo cute!!! :)

Michelle said...

he is one handsome botak boy. he looks good with and without hair. :D

Lydia said...

cute cute botak boy :)

Angie said...

ZJ looks sooooooooooo cute!! and quite matured too! like a very well behaved boy!

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