Friday, May 22, 2009

Piano Music Report - Z

Z started piano lesson in May 2008 and stopped for more than a month after June holidays when he fractured his arm. When he resumes his lessons, he has to start all over again coz the fractured affected him. I didn't know they have progress report for music lessons till I received this last week from teacher.

He has been enjoying his lessons and according to the report, he seems to be doing well. I am glad I signed him up for piano which he asked for it and I am very happy with his positive learning attitude.. Sometimes when he is naughty, I threaten to cancel his lesson and he will be well behaved.

Music Report from May 2009 - March 2009
A - Excellent B - Good C - Satisfactory D - Unsatisfactory

Note Reading - B
Rhythm - B
Phrasing - B
Dynamics - B
Articulation - B
Fluency In Playing - B
Music Interpretation - B
Fingering - B
Posture - B
Music Theory - A
Music Progress - B
Learning Attitude - A

Teacher's Commentary & Advice:

Z is a very lively and expressive boy. He showed great interest towards piano playing and never fails to keep his songs' pulses accurate or performs his songs with enthusiasm. However, try to improve fingers' posture to present more delightful playing.

As for theory, Z completes his homework accurately most of the time and always look forward to new materials.

It is a joy to have piano classes with Z. Keep up your positive spirit and good work!

Treasury of completed Repertoire for the past 6 months:

Title of Piece/Book (Composer/Music Publisher)
- C Song (Nancy & Randall Faber)
- C Position Warm-up
- Yankee Doodle
- Elephant Ride
- Allegro
- Hey, hey, Look at me!
- Come See The Parade
- Russian Sailor Dance
- Rodeo

Well done my rascal! Mommy is very proud of you!


Angie said...

well done!! it is good that Z doesnt not need to be pushed to do music. some children needed a lot of motivation... if not threaten! xx(

sunshinensunflower said...

Hey Jane, check with you, which music school is Z from? Is it fixed the teacher?

Now currently WN is having a home piano teacher, but I wonder if those from the music school are more trained with examination pieces.

Irene said...

Well done, Z

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