Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Is On My Bed?

In the morning, I will have the company of this 2 charmers on my bed.


Beautiful Love said...

Hahaha so so cute! Z must be snoring huh that disturb his di di to cover his mouth? Hee :p

Denesa said...

I usually find my kids crowding with me in my bedroom over the weekends. They say my room is like hotel room...haha...just because they want to sleep with me.


LZmommy said...

Beautiful Love
Haha... He was actually disturbing the brother and trying to wake him up :)

Yeah, same for me kids too :) Sometimes daddy get kick out of the bed! Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

the first photo of didi looks very much like L leh....the eyes....

where is L? does she feel left out huh, 2 brothers, perhaps not, now she has mummy all to herself hor! heehee

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