Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Teacher's Day Gift

Since the other day Z mentioned about muffins, I asked them if they want to make muffins for their Teachers.  Obviously they said yes!  They missed their baking session and me too....  Besides, the schools preferred the kids to give home made/self-made ones.  We started baking on Sunday (30th Aug) afternoon and I didn't realised till evening that it was not enough!  I have to make another batch at the last mins.

I think L looked forward to showing her appreciation to her teachers.  She prepared at least 8 Teacher's Day card on her own without me prompting her.  She drew, coloured and decorated  (with ribbons)  all by herself.  Z wanted to but changed his mind coz he said can't draw as well as L and we already decided then that we would bake for their teachers.

They did everything (except handling of the oven) under my supervision and in between, they munched on the choc chips thinking that I didn't know.  Of coz I know!  They giggled so loud as they were munching it.  Hahaha...  They put so much choc chips that half of the muffins 'erupted' with plenty of it  and initially, I wanted to remove some of the chips but decided not to.  LZ said "our teachers will like it because it is full of choc chips, just like how we like it!"  I'm sure the teachers would know that it is LZ's 'masterpieces'  by the look of it.

By the time I'm done with it (wait for the muffins to cool down, write the little notes, pack it into individual bags), it was already 3 am and I managed to sleep for 3 hours before Beanie wakes up for his milk.  It was tiring, having to stop in between to take care of Beanie and the cooking but fulfilling, knowing that LZ would be proud and happy to give out their home made goodies to their teachers.


Anonymous said...

It is truely the thought that counts...hard on you lor...got to bake so much over such a short period of time :)

Lydia said...

We tried baking raisin muffins on Sat and it turned out very well, we are now in the baking mode... it's really fun! Maybe next year's Teacher's Day we'll bake.

L is so thoughtful to make cards on top of the muffins :)

blurblur said...

Wow, you're such a super mummy!! Sacrificing your sleep for your kids :) Hard work on you, Jane, but I'm sure the teachers would appreciate it! :))

Angie said...

I wish i have students who baked muffins for their teachers on teachers' day...

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