Sunday, May 30, 2010


Fannie has told me about the Slide @ T3 for a long time and we finally drop by the place today. LZ were thrilled with the Slide,  LZdaddy & I were more interested in food.  I think Beanie was also more interested in food too!  Hehe...

LZ were not interested in going for the short Slide and they insisted on going for the tallest slide.  Well, it was their day as well as their fun so why not?   Obviously, one round of it was not enough for them.

After 2 rounds of the Slide, they wanted to go for more, unfortunately it was closing soon.  I am very sure this place will be our favourite hangout (for the school hoilday) till they get tired of it.  Hmmm.... I don't think they will get tired of it so soon... 


MomsyWorld said...

hehe...the slide even hubby was addicted leh...Do they still have the YOG sports going on at Level 2?

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