Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bento #207 - Snoopy

In the box: Snoopy & Woodstock shaped rice, baby corn, pork rolled with asparagus, Japanese fish cake, longan & cherry.

I bought the snoopy set more than a year back and I forgot about it.  If Beanie has not been ransacking my bento stuffs, I doubt I remember it. 

My girl can't tell it is snoopy till I told her.  She was quick to respond when she saw I was a little disappointed. "Oh!  Mommy!  I forgot the name of the character so I that's why I said I don't know."  My sweet little girl.

Think I used a box that is a little too big.... Tried to put in more food to fill up the space and end up L can't finish everything inside the box (except the rice).


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