Saturday, July 10, 2010

Holiday Programme - June

I totally forgot to note down the 2 holiday programmes that LZ attended!

8th June - Monster Science Adventure
* How we differentiate blood types in real life
* They learned that different blood types cannot be mixed except for O- blood.  Anyone can safely receives O- blood.
* They did an activity on guessing the blood types of the children of different blood group parents.
* They also learned about BATS. Now they know why bats fly into things at night (they use echolocation) and bats can create & hear noises that humans cannot hear.

Mummies & the Egyptian pyramids
* They used to say "eeeeee...." when they sees a mummies on TV but not anymore. Now they what it is and how people 'preserves' the body.
* They learned about decomposition and how people preserve food in olden & modern times.
* natural mummification & artificial mummification. 
* They know why the pyramids are built in such design.
* Ancient Egyptian writing.

* They learned to differentiate a wolf & a fox.
* Wolf has great nigh vision.  From there, they moved on to the topic, light.
* they made a magnifying glass and bows & arrows.

17th June - Crime Scene Detectives
For this programme, my LZ become detective! They had fun solving crimes through team work, problem solving skills & analytical skills.
They also learned what should they do if they are caught in a fire and about finger print. When they came home, they insist on getting my finger prints!


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