Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beanie @ 17 Months

Beanie is 17 months old!  The highlight of the month would be he uttered his very FIRST 2 syllabus word, BABY!  Little Beanie loves baby!  Whenever he sees one, he excitedly point to the baby and say it. He does that too when he sees it on TV.

@ 17 months old:

♥ He already has full set of teeth.
♥ He is very excited when he sees an animal or birds. He will point it out to me, "there!"
♥ Nowadays,  he follows what I do....  I use the magic clean everyday and he does that do.  Love to see the way he is so focused when he does something. 
♥ He likes to play with jiejie's Baby Alive, coz 'she' giggles! He shows affection to 'her', cuddling and patting 'her', as if trying to put 'her' to bed.  So cute!
♥  Sometimes, if Beanie doesn't know how to play some of LZ's toys, he will sit with them and fiddle with their toys.  After observing how they play, he is able to do it (most of the time).
♥ He still enjoys reading & scribbling. He often sees his siblings reading and when he sees that, he (usually) picks up a book to 'read' too.  He 'upgraded' to drawing on our walls! We give him lots of paper to scribble but he still does that.
♥  Their computer chair is now Beanie's favourite chair. LZ use it to push him around the house FAST and he loves it! He sit on it (next to me) while I'm at the computer or he wants it when he watches TV.

My little ones had fun today with bubbles.  Beanie loves to play bubbles!


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