Saturday, July 10, 2010

Science Fun #1

We have a few books on Science experiments, all thanks to my dearest BILs & SILs.   We saved so much money on buying books! And we have many books to collect from them but we ran out of place to put the books (till we get new shelves).

I feel so guilty coz my kids have been asking us to do some of the experiments with them and we were lazy. Also, I rather wait till LZdaddy is around to do it with us coz their mommy is not good in Science.

We start off with a very simple experiment, you will need:
✿ 1 egg
✿ salt
✿ water
✿ container/cup

Place egg into the container with water.  The egg weighs more than the egg sized volume of fresh water that is displaces, so the egg sinks.
Add salt
keep stirring till you see the egg float.
Now the egg float.  Salt water is heaver than fresh water, so the egg weighs less than the egg sized volume of salt water.  As a result the egg float. 

Why does the egg float?
The egg is less dense and less heavy than salt water.

An object immersed in water is buoyed upward by a force equal to the weight of water the object displaces. The larger the object, the more upward force there is.


Aces Family said...

That's why if you ever visit "Dead Sea" in Israel, you can float in the sea cos the water is high in salt content...: O Learnt from my hub too...

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