Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exercise for Beanie

Little Beanie was soooo full of energy before bedtime!  He did this for more than 15 mins or longer (We didn't see the time).  We didn't stop him coz we had so much fun watching him doing it.  Love the part when he wiped his perspiration.  Cute!

My 2 older ones didn't want to appear in the video coz they were shy (one in the underwear and the other shy).


Angeline said...

Keatkeat: "He is sooooo happy!"

Me: "What strong legs power man! And looking at how he wiped off his perspiration is just too funny... he's like saying 'oh man! this is tiring and I'm all sweaty, but hey I'm loving it! Let me go again... Up and down, up and down...'"

*huge laugh*

Rachel said...

wow! strong legs muscle!! I will have muscle ache the next day if I do what he did! hahaha...

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