Friday, July 23, 2010

He Dropped...

His FIRST Tooth (yesterday)!! Yeah!  Z waited a long time for it to happen.  Why?  So that tooth fairy will visit him and he will get a $10, just like his sister!

Unlike his sister, Z's tooth dropped on its own. It happened when he was having his meal!

Z read a book on tooth fairy and has been talking about ever since.  He asked jiejie and me many questions on tooth fairies.  Now that L is older, she knows there is no tooth fairy at all and mommy was the one who placed the $$ under the pillow.  We kept quiet about, we didn't want to dampen his excitement.   Love the way how L played along with it, told him what they will do with the teeth they collected etc... She also quietly told me exactly where he placed his tooth.

This morning, Z jumped with excitement when he saw the $10 note.  "Mommy! Mommy!  The tooth fairy came! My tooth is gone! See?  She gave me the money!"


Angie said...

the tooth fairy is such a good way to console the traumatised kid for losing his tooth. i rem i was very traumatised when my first tooth came out but no fairy visited me. hahaha!!!

you have reached another milestone in your growth, Z!! Congrats!!

cendrine said...

Jane, you have made this fairy tale 'come' true with reward. :D

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