Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bento #213 - Lunch

In the box:  Rice, beef with onion, spinach, waterapple and corn.

How come my angel doesn't look like an angel?   My girl thinks it is coz of the wings.  Hehe..  I was too lazy to search for pics of the angel and hence, come out with my own version using the egg sheets that I still have.  And I was trying to make the bento looked more colourful. 


Angeline said...

I know I know!!!!
Is it because the clothings are not in white?
Angels always wear white mah...

Blessed mum said...

i was wondering why u need to prepare bento when i took a look at the date of this post and to my SURPRISE, its dated July!!
*gosh* u r so "back-dated"!! hahaha..i thot i was slacking in my post, u even worst! :P

Angie said...


Shana said...


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